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Any witches/magic users in the house?

October 7, 2012
Posted at 9:12 pm

Just found out Nightwish fired their second singer. No, I'm not happy. Thank the Gods for the upcoming Rush concert...

First, thanks to those who wrote about the end of the Bells stories. I'm still decompressing a bit from that. Family matters though have become less stressful, so the next project may come soon. Not today, though.

That said, I have a request. The main idea which has popped into my mind, mostly just two characters, a setting, and a relationship (no actual plot), involves magic. My knowledge on the subject is, shall we say, shallow. Oh, I've read my Crowley, and I'm sure can dig in to Wiccan practices to find fun plot hooks, but it would be more interesting to have some sort of advisor. Someone with knowledge, or belief, who has a sense of humor on the subject, and is willing to at least point me in the right direction or suggest aspects of ceremonial magic I may have not found. My setting most likely will be ye olden days of some sort, if not a pure fantasy world. I want to get away from space for a bit.

If anyone would like to help, drop me a line.