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This and that, but not those

September 22, 2012
Posted at 7:57 pm

Well, in the war between using my time to write or go out and take an evening walk, blogging won for now.

Just some updates for you readers. The pace of Bells of Home may have slowed, but I now have the end in sight. You may remember Bells of Tanah started, in my mind, as episodic, with a "pilot" episode and then whatever I felt like doing. This one I started with a destination, but leaving how to get there for later. Well, the characters and universe have filled in the blanks, so it's just a matter of how long I want to take to get there. Given real life events there's a desire to wrap this up, but some beats must be hit. Expect the chapter count to be near the 19 of the first one, unless it's not.

Naturally, complicating matters, a story popped into my head the other day for a possible next project. Just a setting, two characters, and the relationship between them. I will say it's in the magic/witch genre, although I'm never a stickler for genres. We'll see if it goes anywhere. I will say after two long tales, it's back to shorter ones for a bit.

Speaking of short stories, the few who notice the one I did a week ago may be curious as to why it doesn't have a score. Well, it hasn't reached whatever threshold the site uses to make it visible. I can see it, and it's... eh. The score dropped from the low 8's to the low 6's thanks to two people's ratings, and as I speak has just climbed above 7. That's fine, but I'm OK with that staying invisible too :) SciFi Nut has his 9 tech score, so that's all that matters.

Not sure when next week's chapter will be up. It'll be there when you see it.