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September 21, 2012
Posted at 11:32 am

Updated Cast List

As the cast continues to grow in "Triptych," I realized I hadn't really done a great job of keeping the cast list up-to-date. I've posted a re-organized and expanded cast list that includes the characters that I've added in Part II of "Triptych". I'm still not happy with the organization. I've got categories that include "Family," "PCAD," "SCU," "Racquetball," and "Other friends and cast."

The problem is that there are some major characters who fall under the "Other" category. Beth, Wendy, Clarice are all unclassified as they go to other schools or are professionals and not in the family per se. Some very minor characters who are mentioned enough times to be included in the cast, on the other hand, are much higher on the list because they go to SCU or are competitors in a racquetball tournament.

So, I've put the names that I consider major characters in boldface type. You just have to scroll down the hundred or so names to spot all the biggies. If anyone has a better idea regarding how to organize this, I'd love to hear it. I'll continue to add to the characters if more new ones appear.

Clear as mud?