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September 19, 2012
Posted at 8:22 am

Sometimes they still surprise me

Just finished writing the pivotal Chapter 27 of Triptych (remember Part II starts at Chapter 16) and got a surprise. My characters continue to do that occasionally.

Several peripheral characters take on important roles, or we see their characters fleshed out in relationship to Tony, Lissa, Melody, and Kate. In Part II you'll see more of Allison, Wendy, Beth, Bree, Whitney, and Rio. We catch further glimpses of Amy as well, though I've decided that Amy has a story of her own to tell--probably in the next Model Student book.

The big revelations in this chapter (or actually the first bit of Chapter 28) were about Wendy and Bree. It's an amazing contrast and we see a glimpse into the relationship each girl has with her father. (Don't go squeamish on me--I don't do father/daughter incest stories.) Each time I re-read this little section, I get teary.

It's September 19, which means Part II will start posting in eleven days! The first five chapters are headed to the final proofreader tonight and my first task today is to begin updating the cast list with all the new characters that came in with this school year. My full cast-list now has 117 characters, including all the little minor roles that have flitted in and out like the assistant sales clerk in the jewelry store in Chicago. You remember Monique, right? Well, I'm not including all those in the cast list, but I note that many of the new and important characters in Part II are missing.

One week from Monday. I feel the buzz!