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Accepting Dizyntk Repost.

September 18, 2012
Posted at 12:39 pm

The new repost's here!! The new repost's here!!

Sorry, old movie reference. lol.

Well, it looks as if SOL got their move done. I hope everything goes smoothly as far as the new servers are concerned. We all know what fun new equipment can sometimes NOT be.

I was quite surprised that I did not get any messages about the fact that the new prologue for Living Dizyntk had the old prologue from Accepting Dizyntk combined into it. The reason for that was that I had written a completely new prologue for Accepting and had honestly forgotten that I had put the old version together with the prologue for Living until after I did the repost of Living. DOH!

Anyway, I decided that since I had the new prologue written, I wouldn't worry about it. All would be well as soon as the repost of Accepting was done, which it now is.

Thanks for reading my little stories.