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These people, I swear

September 17, 2012
Posted at 11:01 am
Updated: September 17, 2012 - 11:26 am

I have just reposted my last poem for the fifth time, by my count. Either I'm not making myself clear about how I want the damn thing laid out, or the people here are incapable of understanding me. Right now, the one little line I wanted at the beginning of the poem is in enorous block letters, like art of the poem, and it overwhelms the text. It looks awful. What gives? Such simple instructions, and they are being either ignored or sabotaged. I am furious. I have reposted the thing by just pasting the text. If that doesn't work, I will ask that the poem be deleted entirely. You can find it in its correct form at ASSTR.

Is anyone else having trouble logging on? Since the servers were switched, I keep getting error messages each time I try to log on, or, once I am on, I get an error messages when I try to move from one page to another. I can only correct it by hitting the back button and then trying again. So, essentially, everything has to be done twice.