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Living Dizyntk Repost.

September 16, 2012
Posted at 12:17 am

Well, I am unsure as to when SOL is going to move their servers. It was supposed to be this week but who knows. I know things like that can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I guess I have gotten impatient and went ahead and reposted all the chapters in Living Dizyntk.

Like Learning Dizyntk, there are no story changes, just cleaning up my earlier bad punctuation and spelling mistakes. That being said, I am sure I still somehow missed a few. The exception is the prologue. The original dealt only with dizyntk bonding practices and showed the Pledge of Bonding they recite to each other. Those are still there, but I have added considerably more information about the Dizyntk. Racial details and info about the Temple of the Goddess mostly.

Thanks go out to B4Lurker, who has been helping with the proofreading. He started helping while I was writing the Wolf and Cat series and then went back and did the older posts. These revisions are thanks to his efforts.

Anyway, enjoy the re-edited versions but especially the new info on the Dizyntk.