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You actually get what you want sometimes!

September 14, 2012
Posted at 9:57 pm

Thanks to Lazeez, who runs SOL and is a gentleman and a scholar, authors now have the capability of listing the stories on their story pages in one of three ways:


Order of posting

Reverse order of posting

All of them have their good points. Previously, everything was alphabetical. But a lot of people have wished there was a way to see what stories were posted most recently by an author ... meaning me. And I couldn't do that unless I sent them an Excel spreadsheet or something like that. And since I don't maintain that kind of information in a spreadsheet, it would be a pain in the ass etc etc etc.

But now, presto, reverse order does exactly that.

So have switched the order of the listings of my books and stories to reverse order of posting. That means the most recently posted stories will now appear on the first page of my umpteen pages of stories.

And, for those of you who are certifiably insane, and want to read all of the books and stories in the order they were posted, just go to the last page and start clicking. It will be like watching a little boy growing up and changing with the years.

Of course now somebody will complain that they wanted to read the story about the cowboy who couldn't speak Indian, and now they don't know how to find it because things aren't alphabetical any more.

Here's a hint. Go to the Advanced Search tab and click on that. Then, in the title area, put in "cowboy" and hit the search button. Every story with "cowboy" in the title will magically appear, along with a link that will take you to that story!

So, for those of you who wished they could go to one place and see what's new with Lubrican ... you get your wish!

Thank Lazeez. He's the one who made it possible.