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September 12, 2012
Posted at 5:55 pm

Thinking Out Loud

I know this is dangerous because everytime you suggest you are working on a different project, people panic that you aren't working on the one they want. DON'T PANIC! Triptych Part II is progressing nicely (10 chapts so far) and will be ready to start posting October 1 as promised.

Now...November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in which authors around the world attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I've done it ten times in eight years. My tradition has been to blog the novel as it takes shape. Three of those blogged novels have been published and a fourth NaNovel has also been published. I spend a lot of up front time planning out what will happen each day in the story and then spend the month writing like crazy. Usually the results are pretty good. Now I'm thinking that I will use SOL as my site for this year's novel and have been thinking a lot about what it would look like.

Originally I thought that I would write another Model Student episode, but one with a different narrator. Problem is that I don't want to overlap posting two Model Student stories at the same time and Triptych postings will last all the way through November and possibly into December. So I was thinking of some other alternatives. I have a list, but I'm tending toward one that would stretch my writing ability considerably.

I'm considering writing a mind control story--something I've never done or even thought about before. I note that the genre is quite popular here and I think I have a twist that will make it interesting. I'd like to write it from the perspective of the woman being controlled. What goes through her mind as she is manipulated through various sexual, submissive, and humiliating experiences? The thing that was stopping me was getting to a satisfying ending with the story without developing something in which the heroine is proud to be humiliated or some such nonsense. I finally came up with the twist ending that would make this story work today.

The question I am facing now is whether it is 50,000 words worth of story. Usually, my NaNoWriMo novels are closer to 80,000. I write and publish 2-3,000 words a day. If I commit to this project, I would be posting in the story every day for thirty days, but the chapters would only be the two or three thousand words I wrote that day, always reaching a logical breaking point, of course. The words would be raw, straight from the pen to the post as it were. That means I might be producing a story with a lower technical quality than I usually do.

Oh yes. There is one other thing. When I blog a story or go through daily posting of raw material, I carefully watch the comments each day and revise and shift the plot as people provide ideas. On SOL, I'd only be able to receive those comments through email. Responding to email comments each day does cut into my writing time, but not so much that I can't usually squeeze out the hour it takes to do so.

What's your interest or response to this idea? Even if it is out of both my usual genre and your normal reading material, would you be willing to play along with me for the month?