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September 8, 2012
Posted at 6:00 pm


Much has happened in the Galactic Chronicles Universe. There is a GalNet Wiki and there is a GalNet Blog. Over the years a small but growing group of readers steadily follow my stories. There are Sam and Harry who dedicate much time and passion to the Wiki.
There are John and Don who help me with editing and take the Stories to a more professional level in terms of punctuation and grammar...(Not to mention typos and spelling problems)
There are Silvak, NeWBe and a99515 who been readers and commentators and friends for many years!
There are readers from India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Greece, Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Korea, Japan, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Spain, Antigua, Barbuda, UAE, Portugal, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. (and many more)

I can't describe the pride to see someone in South Africa or China reading my story. It is a special feeling to find that there are readers of my stories in Alaska and New Zealand. Brazil and Japan.

While I have many ideas and more stories to tell , the core Story is the Eric Olafson Saga.
It has developed and has been rewritten. Now it is time to rewrite it in its (hopefully) final version.
I will add much content and complete the Story.

It will be published at SOL (Stories on Line) and Fiction Press. Edited chapter by chapter by Don and John.
There is a strong possibility that I publish the Books in printed form via LULU or if things work out with a Publisher I am currently talking with.