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Only one chapter this week, and other info of interest

September 4, 2012
Posted at 11:32 pm

Hello, readers, and those of you who just check out blogs of writers you never pay attention to otherwise (hey, I tend to do that).

First, you may have noticed I've missed my usual Monday or Tuesday posting of a chapter. There's lots going on in my life, so you'll get one chapter this week, sometime before the weekend. We'll see what the schedule is after that. Things will be getting a bit hectic on my end, and I'd rather just take my time with the story. It's one place where I can, somewhat, be in control.

I'm happy to report that, thanks in part to the one person who clicked the link in the pervious blog post and contributed to the kickstarter, the final Pink Five Star Wars fanfim will be made. If they get $700 in the next 19 hours, a short extra episode will also be shot. So, contribute if you have the extra cash. Also, check out the Down in Front podcast. I hang out in the site's forum under the name Invid.

On a minor note, I have a cry for help. Apparently, my local provider has finally dropped USENET groups, so I'm looking for alternatives. Something cheap. At this point, really, I don't even need binaries, although I still use a couple groups. I'm trying out XSUsenet at the moment, but while it works it won't let me post anything. Very annoying.

So, anyway, you will get a chapter this week.

With luck.