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September 3, 2012
Posted at 9:32 am

Wahoo! Rejected!

Okay, who cheers over a rejection letter. This kid!

The editors have finished reviewing "Model Student" and have decided they can't offer a contract for it at the moment even though they said they both enjoyed reading it and thought both the story and the characters were excellent. Their criticism was that it is too long and has too much backstory in it. Yep! That's this story.

They invited me to do a rewrite and cut it to a more reasonable length with more forward movement. I can see that and someday I might decide to undertake the task. In the meantime, they will look at other of my stories.

What all this means is that Triptych Part II will begin posting on October 1 according to my original schedule. And it will be just as wordy and slow as the rest of the story has always been. (I spent two entire chapters at "Opens"!) This is a big relief to me as I was trying to figure out logistics for continuing to give the story to fans here on SOL without violating a publishing agreement. Now that's resolved and you'll be able to read it the same way as always, however, I might only be posting one chapter a week for a while instead of two, depending on how quickly I can finish the rest of the story. I'm eight chapters into what I expect will be twenty on this story. I think you'll like it.

It also means that Elder Road Books will publish "Model Student Book III: Diva" in the next couple of weeks. They've been sitting on it while waiting for the other publisher's decision. It will be available for Nook and Kindle at $.99.

I hope this comes as welcome news to all of you and that, if you are able, you will consider buying one of my books online to support the effort. As always, however, I remain committed to serializing the entire Model Student series here at SOL. After "Triptych" there is at least one and perhaps three more books in this series. Two of the stories that I have planned are from a different point of view, but will have some new and interesting characters interacting around Tony, Lissa, Melody, and Kate.

Only 28 days until "Triptych Part II!"