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Style and tech scores

August 29, 2012
Posted at 8:06 pm

Hello, my loyal readers (and my un-loyal ones) As I sit here, realizing chapter 10 is going to stay stuck at 2 pages for a bit (7-8 is always my goal), I decided to take a peak at my TPA scores. The over all score has dropped a bit, which is usual, but I was curious if the Plot scores had a chance of moving up to a low 9. Probably not, thanks to the usual rounding. 8's outnumber the 10's, perfectly understandable given it's not a plot heavy story.

However, it's always the tech scores that interest me. SciFi Nut is bummed his work never gets a 9, as I think it has with other writers he works with (he got his start with me, so in a way those are my scores as well ^_^). However, he's rationalized it in that my style tends to rub the type of people who take that score seriously the wrong way. Too conversational, maybe not serious enough. Who knows. There's damned few errors nowadays, so it's not that. Nobody is 5 bombing me on this one, unlike Bells of Tanah, but the last two scores were a 7/8/10 and a 7/9/10.

So. I'm curious. What is it? While some things I'm more than willing to change, I like the style and flow of most of the newer stuff.