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Want to see a critical email?

August 29, 2012
Posted at 12:42 am

When I get an email like this I just do not want to write another story. This jerk is just that a big fat jerk. Come to think of it maybe he is a big fat jerk that can't do anything but sit around a criticize others because he feels he is so much better.
He sent me this email and while it is only one for today it was enough to wipe out all those others who liked what I wrote!

"My god! That's a new low. Seven spelling or
grammar errors just in the introduction! I haven't
read the story, but if it is written anywhere
nearly as poorly as the introduction it would be
81K of pure agony"

If this kind of man is thinking my story is agony for him to read why doesn't he just not read my stories and go read some one who is a true writer. If he thinks sending me emails like this will make me a better writer he is mistaken. He will just cause me to keep writng for my pleasure and just not post my stories. What a JERK!