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Like Star Wars fanfilms? Have extra cash? Pink Five kickstarter

August 27, 2012
Posted at 5:03 pm

With luck, this isn't against any rules.

When I'm not slaving away writing "quality" fiction, I'm often enjoying the Down in Front podcast, a rather good commentary and discussion show. One of the regulars is Trey Stokes, an old Hollywood vet. He was the puppeteer of the creatures in The Abyss and The Blob, ran the CGI shop that did the bugs in Starship Troopers, and directed 2010 Moby Dick. So, quality work! He also was the one to debunk the Fox "alien autopsy" documentary.

What he is most known for, in some circles, is a series of Star Wars fan films known as Pink Five. It started as a short staring Amy Earhart, about one of the non-pilots thrown into an X-Wing as the Death Star approached. They were rather desperate, you see. It was good, got lots of views, so they made another one (with a Yoda, sadly, better than the Episode 1 one). It won awards, everyone loved it. So, they embarked on a three episode story to wrap things up. Two were produced, with the live action stuff shot for the third...

Then, because this was bringing in no money and they had to eat, it got put on hold.

Until Now.

Trey Stokes has started a Kickstarter for the final episode. On this page, you can watch the existing episodes. The deadline is approaching, and they need your help. The finished episode, when done, will be available online for free, and this will not be sold in any form. Two donation levels will get you a limited DVD.

So, go take a look. If you like what you see, and have some spare change, help get this done. Thank you.