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August 25, 2012
Posted at 7:58 pm
Updated: August 26, 2012 - 12:45 pm

Boundless, for now

This story (after the first draft) was only four and a half chapters long. After changing the direction of the story rather considerably and significantly augmenting Flerrie's position in the Bounder's life, I rather think that all of the changes have been for the positive. When I started the story I had a rather firm notion of where I wanted it to go, but the story itself had other ideas. Over the years I've learned as a writer to not argue with myself and just let things flow, when this sort of thing happens. It can be really confusing for me, but it's never dull. In this instance I think it all worked out for the best.

Voting has been good (it's currently my 13th top rated story out of 70+) but I still have hopes for improvement. Reader emails have been few, which is slightly puzzling. If there isn't much 'buzz' over the story, then I probably won't waste much immediate effort about planning any sequel. In that case, the next Bounder story will likely end up years down, buried in my 'to-do' queue.

Voting has been lower for the story at LitErotica, but I've never really been a reader favorite over there anyway. This is disappointing, as I really think that this is one of my better pure 'stories'.

I've updated my Story Wiki pages for Bounder (Stultus Home Page/Forum) and it is now reasonably complete, at least for now.

No idea what I will be doing next...

Edit - Lots of nice comments about the story, thanks!
Also plenty of typos reported :(
I've fixed every typo that has been reported (mostly in the final three chapters) and I've just posted a correction update. Let me know if there are any more!

Most (nearly all) of my editors were unavailable when the original draft of the story was sent to them. I received a few sets of edits, but not nearly enough. Then I added about four chapters worth of new text during the final rewrite too. I'd tried to catch the worst of the typos but I always miss some :(