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Long Stories or Finished Stories

August 23, 2012
Posted at 10:25 pm

I just received feedback on my story Family Feud.

It is rare anyone takes the time to write to say anything constructive about a story - so it is something I really appreciate.

One of their concerns about a story that is unfinished will leave them hanging.

I was perplexed by this. My story has over 100 chapters with many arcs and in fact I've divided it up into 4 books because they had 'closures' of sorts at different points in the story.

What if 100 chapters were each distinct stories by themselves? 100 tiny self-encapsulated stories, would that be any more valuable?

I don't think so because just when you start to identify with the character they are gone and done with and on to the next story.

I've fallen in love with the Taylors and the odd mix of side characters in my story. I like to keep writing about their odd adventures - and personally I want there to be a Family Feud V!

Having said that, couldn't a short story really just keep going?

In Cinderella, the Prince falls in love with this girl and thinks she is beautiful. (Which is odd then that he forgot what she looks like and has to try shoes on even the ugliest women in the province to find her).

Anyway, having said that, couldn't the story just pick up after the author chose to end it?

Isn't really every story you ever read "not really over"? ---I guess unless everyone dies.

And even then you Dolcett fans out there, well ..

But seriously though, I guess I would encourage anyone to enjoy the journey, not the 'finality' and conclusion of a story. To me that is a heart breaking moment, when the Taylor's have nothing interesting happening in their life and nothing worth writing about.