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Lack of Enthusiasm (or Writer's Block)

August 22, 2012
Posted at 12:44 pm

So, I only received two responses to my previous post (and they were votes for two different stories!) so I've decided that I'm just not going to post any of them. I keep riding between the two extremes of not wanting to post incomplete works and being so excited about some of the things I'm writing (they're all good in my head, anyway) that I want to share it with everyone even before it's complete.

Now lately, the 'wait until it's done' has been winning because I've had some severe writer's block (as well as a few too many things outstanding on the 'honey do' list) and haven't written ANYTHING. I asked a friend of mine (who's a professional columnist for a technical magazine who writes an article EVERY month) what he does for writer's block. His answer surprised me...he told me he writes CONSTANTLY. He sets aside so many hours of his day and writes -- doesn't matter if its good or bad, he forces himself to write and then comes back and edits it until he can stand it.

So...that's the mode I'm in now...wish me luck.