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Bells of Home 7

August 20, 2012
Posted at 11:18 pm

I submitted the new chapter this afternoon, but apparently the mods are a bit busy (or sleepy). With luck, it'll show up soon. Minutes after this blog, if past history is any guide.

I've had the urge, once again, to dive into the rewrite of The Waifs. A new scene, giving an introduction to two minor characters (Bell and Bella) a chapter before they just show up on the ship, had stumped me. I knew what it was, but it just didn't fit where I wanted to put it (the problem with writing so scenes flow naturally from one to the next). I was out for a quick bite of dinner, when suddenly the idea came to move it earlier. Got home, looked, and sure enough the three or four scenes (not enough for a new chapter) will fit naturally there. Well. I'm going to try and do this while still getting chapter 8 done, but no promises.