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Chapter 41: The Conclusion (to this book, at least)

August 20, 2012
Posted at 5:45 pm

Well, folks, it's been a long time. 41 weeks takes a while to play out, but it's finally here.

This is a LONG chapter, as there's a lot to fit in. And yes, Virginia, I'll be repeating myself a fair amount, as they need to explain to Alex what they've been doing behind his back for so long.

As you might expect, there aren't many surprises in this chapter, at least not relating to the science or to Alex's abilities. Instead I've tried to provide a few surprises of a different sort. I think it'll be a fun chapter, and the reason why I decided to divide the final book into two, ending one here was because it provides such a definitive end, and a positive one at that. Basically, everything that could have worked out has.

You'll also notice I expressed many of my own self doubts at the end of the chapter (see my "Why Am I Writing This?" thread). I wanted to provide the many readers who've never visited either the Blog or the Discussion Group with an explanation of my current thinking, as well as to warn them that the wait for the final book will be a while. I figured they deserved to know such things, as well.

While the descriptions of the newest girls are more like you're used to in this book, only a brief overview, these characters were mostly necessary to cover the whole 'experiment' idea, and I didn't want to have Alex just glossing over them. But they're really there so Alex could catch up on what was happening to everyone else. So don't take them to mean I'm still having problems with new characters, just view them as backdoor ways of bringing in a few older faces.