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the BLOOD PACT is Finished...REALLY!

August 20, 2012
Posted at 3:24 am

Whew! The Blood Pact is finally finished. It only too me about 14 months -- not too bad considering I was working 50 hour weeks at a real job the whole time I was writing the second half of the story.

I have to send a big "Thank You!" out to everyone who encouraged me during the writing of this story. When I first started, all I wanted to do was tell the kind of story that I would enjoy reading myself. I'm really quite elated that others were able to enjoy it as well.

I'm not usually the sort who needs praise (or even really likes it), but I have to admit, it helped a lot. This is not the first story I've written, nor is it the first one I've posted online, but before beginning it, I had really starting wondering if my writing actually appealed to anyone. After just the first few chapters, however, it had already gotten far, far, far more comments (both good and bad) than everything else I have ever done combined.

The Blood Pact has shown me that there are at least some people out there don't think my writing sucks. Either that, or the old saying "Sex Sells" is even more true than I ever thought. Anyway, thanks to all of you for the kind words, the encouragement, and the general comments. They were all very much appreciated and, without them, I'm not sure I would have been nearly as motivated to get this story finished as I was.

And to all of you who didn't like the story and felt the need to keep telling me so over and over again: F--!

…nah, on second thought, I'm not gonna go there.

But now that I'm done with this story, I'm all fired-up to get to work on another. I've got a few projects that I'd really like to devote some serious time to, but at the moment, Stephanie is still occupying a lot of my headspace. She wants me to write more about her little adventures.

When I started the Blood Pact, it was always my intent to tell a finite story with a definite end. So often, my stories get way out of control and turn into multi-part, generational epics. I really wanted to avoid that with this one. The end was supposed to be the end. However, as I was writing, little things kept popping up that suggested what might happen to the characters after the end of the story. A few ideas were pretty intriguing, but none of them were really full stories on their own, more like just events. After mulling them over for a while, though, I've kind of come up with an idea for a sequel. Now I have to figure out if I want to start on that, or turn to something else entirely.

I also had a few people suggest that I should publish the Blood Pact in some format. I have always wanted to see what a POD service is like. And there are a few niggling little things about the Blood Pact that I've always wanted to rework. Maybe something like this would be a good opportunity to do just that. Would anyone be interested in a dead tree or ebook version of the Blood Pact? Before even considering such a thing, however, I'd first need to find a good editor. Any volunteers?