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Family Feud Chapter 27 - Alternate Ending!

August 19, 2012
Posted at 12:53 pm

Phil Phantom is a legendary writer many people cite as an influence on their writings.

His was a world of wicked teenagers and deviant sexual acts. One of his legacies is a story that let you decide what happens or what you would like to read about next.

He made a story with hyperlinks that let you drive where to go next.

I don't think I can do that on SOL, but if I could I would have considered adding the option to let the reader decide the end to chapter 27 in Family Feud.

if you have not yet read chapter 27, I would encourage you to do so before reading this (as it contains spoilers)

Here is another version of the ending to that chapter that I wrote. I would be curious what seems more intriguing as a reader? What seems more interesting? What would you like to have seen happen?

Meanwhile in Mr. Bitterman's Limousine, after dropping off their passengers:

"You did very well, slut." Mr. Bitterman said with his arms folded comfortably in the back of his limousine.

"Thank you Master, I live to be your obedient slut," Cathy Griffin hungrily took the full measure of her grandfather's hard cock into the back of her throat with the skilled practice of an accomplished street whore.

He tousled her strawberry-blonde locks with his fingers while she serviced his dick on her knees in front of him. She was still completely naked but now wearing a custom made chrome collar with the word "vixen" embossed into it.

"You are a very naughty little bitch, but you suck dick exactly like your grandmother," Bitterman breathed out a satisfied moan while leaning back in his chair.

"I should, she taught me" Cathy's piercing eyes stared up at her Grandfather before returning to delicately cock worshipping the hairy balls of her grandfather and master.

"Well, god bless her soul - that is one the old slut knew how to do well. Did I ever tell you of the time I dropped her off at the USO to suck every single serviceman before he shipped off to Vietnam that night?"

"Yes Master, on your wedding night" Cathy was lounging his balls and staring up at him lovingly.

"Yes, that is right. I was really a complete bastard back then, I had almost forgotten it was right after the reception in the Hamptons. It had been so enjoyable turning her from a wealthy stuck up brat, into a complete an utter whore right in front of her parents and them knowing I would inherit all of their money after they passed on."

Cathy continued to slurp and suck, she had stuck a finger from her free hand down between her juicy pussy lips and began to quietly frig herself.

"Don't think I told you that you could masturbate?" Mr. Bitterman noticed right away and goose bumps appeared on Cathy's neck as her arousal grew and she could do nothing to relieve herself. She took her finger away from the forbidden fruit between her loins quickly.

"Please Master? I did so good today, did I not? I was a good vixen?" Cathy's question was a pleading cry for a reassurance.

"For the most part that is true. The Taylor's think that you engineered this entire thing with their house and will look to me to solve their little money problem and keep them from being homeless. Naturally, I will be reluctant and empathetic until I am sure they've reached rock bottom and then I will begin phase two."

"What is phase two, Master?" Cathy pleaded with her grandfather as she kissed along the vein at the bottom of his semi-flaccid dick.

Bitterman yanked a handful of Cathy's hair and she yelped. "You should know by now my dear, that you will be told as much as you need to know, when you need to know it! Don't think I forgot how poorly you did against the country girl in the backyard. Were you trying to lose that bet?" he continued to hold her hair for leverage while she serviced his dick.

"No sir! She was just really wiry and bony, I underestimated her strength, please don't punish me!" her eyes pleaded for her grandfather's mercy.

"Oh save the act, I know you love pain as much as your mother. You did a very convincing job of reluctantly accepting your cum-uppance at my hand. It was important to give the Taylor's a sense that they are now out of danger - at least from you. However, I think you were a little too eager when you were told to shove that rake in your pussy, weren't you?" Bitterman was in the habit of giving his granddaughter a complement along with a backhanded judgment whenever he graded her performance - it seemed to drive the girl to try even harder for his unavailable complete acceptance.

"I was surprised that was all you made me do in the backyard. I was hoping you would let Delilah have control over me for a while, or even that little faggot Dave Stravosky?" Cathy purred while breathing heavy on the cock she had been caressing and loving on.

"Always thinking of your own perverse pleasures!" Bitterman pulled tighter on her hair he had bunched up in his fist. "Now that the country girl is on my radar screen, I wanted to test out her capacity for sadism. I could see it in her eyes she might have the same demented passions you do," Bitterman looked very seriously at his granddaughter and added "You'll have a round two with her now that you've introduced yourself to her. You will pretend to want payback and pull her slowly into your little S-club circle like all your little friends at school."

Cathy seemed disappointed "With all your money and power, why do you move so slowly and not just operate more openly?"

"Face down, tits to the bottom of the limo, ass facing me!" Bitterman released her hair and ordered the girl to place her nose at the bottom of the limo so her pussy and ass were in his lap. She complied without hesitation knowing that he would begin pinching and twisting her clit as soon as she made it available to him.

"It is easy to just buy a whore, I could buy a hundred of them an afternoon like some Charlie Sheen - cash or cocaine is a simple motivation for them. It is much more satisfying at my age to savor the slow descent of the purely innocent into debauchery and wicked perversions and in the process to own them completely. It is like sniffing a fine brandy before consuming it - you want it to last forever."

"I understand that Master, but my brothers and I were never like that?" Cathy said from the uncomfortable position beneath her grandfather's feet.

"I know. Your grandmother and I raised a family of slaves and dominants and they in turn raised their own kids the same way. Your mother was one of my best slaves and when I sold her to your father I thought he would make a suitable dominant but he turned out to be a jellyfish. It is just as well - I like to stretch his balls and make him watch when I fuck all of you. Speaking of which, driver where is the football player?"

The limo driver discretely remarked without looking behind him "I dropped him off with your grandson Heath."

"Ah yes, Heath will no doubt tell him he is a locksmith and can remove the ball stretcher but will 'accidentally break' the lock. Take us there and after I've let him worry for a bit, I'll waltz in and act like his savior."

"Do I have to continue to dominate him, Master?" Cathy asked while enduring Bitterman's sharp fingernails digging into the sensitive skin around her asshole and pussy lips.

"You know I should probably start an Eastman Academy for girls and send you to it, you are too lippy!"

"That was a really clever lie about that place, Master. I would miss you if you sent me away!" she cooed.

"You would probably enjoy being abused and tossed around too much for me to have any satisfaction over sending you. To answer your question yes, you do have to dominate the football player and all the people I tell you too! It is important you remain an authority figure to them!" He slapped her ass and pulled her cheeks apart to spit directly on the red asshole. "Naturally, at first when we arrive to see the high school boy, I will appear to have you humbled and you my reluctant prisoner. After I leave and apparently have left you to your old ways, you will present David with his real options to serve - if he wants to continue to play football and not be a total laughing stock that is. I doubt you will have to try too hard, just offer him your brother's cock and tell him he has to do it- he is the kind that wants to only if he feels he has no choice - It helps him with his feelings of guilt and embarrassment. "

"Like the Taylor girl?" Cathy asked

"Like both the Taylor women," Bitterman responded.

"Wouldn't you rather just pull his strings directly, Master?" Cathy groaned as he dug three fingers into her already sore asshole.

"Why would I? When I can pull your strings and you can pull his?" he smiled.