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August 16, 2012
Posted at 11:38 pm
Updated: August 17, 2012 - 11:52 am

What a Bounder!

This story has been in development for quite away, for about a year or so. One of my advance readers/editors was wanting me to write a real mind control story and while I admitted that these sorts of stories are pretty fun to write, they weren't usually too terribly original.

The usual formula is Boy 'A' discovers that he is special and that he'd like Girls 'B','C','X','Y' & 'Z', etc all to strip off their clothes and become his dedicated love slaves. Fun, but SOL is chock full of those sorts of stories. I needed a different approach.

Years ago I wrote an unpopular Lovett story 'Wendy My Brother's Wife' that explored being on the opposite end of MC... and once was enough for that idea too. It was a pain in the ass to write and it just wasn't 'fun'.

It was then suggested to me that the MC power could have limitations, i.e. could only be used for 'good' or something to that effect. A better idea, but less fun to write, or so I thought. Then a few months ago I discovered the stories of the dishonest Victorian detective 'Horace Dorrington' and this at once gave me some ideas that I could work with.

I decided to create a dodgy sort of hero, a cad and a bounder, and even a cheerfully unrepentant sociopath who is willing to stoop to theft, blackmail, fraud or anything short of cold-blooded murder to make a dishonest penny. I liked the concept and almost immediately I knew how I wanted to create my rogue hero and develop his mind control talents. This hero is prone to using his magic gift for anything but the cause of truth and justice, let alone 'good'... but soon he finds his life changed and turned upside in ways that he can barely contemplate or even understand.

It's going to be a long period of learning and growing for our hero... and probably havoc for the author getting his story told in just the right sort of way, but sometimes the journey is at least as fun as the destination!

I'm still rewriting the last three chapters of the story, but when done it should run to either six or seven chapters... and sequels galore, after I write a few other new things first.

Edit: Added several Bounder pages to my Stultus Story Wiki (see Forum on my Author Page - or direct at