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Mid-Summer Update

August 14, 2012
Posted at 9:25 pm

Just a brief note on what I've been up to:

Writing has been slow, because work has been hectic. I was also on vacation for the end of July so I haven't written as much as I had planned to. There is still a month before the end of Summer, but I don't see The Balance of the Rose completed before then. I have decided to take a different tack on this story. In the past I was writing and having chapters edited and posted as I went along. This time I want to have the story finished before editing. I think it will make it easier on my editors to follow flow and continuity.

I have been going back through the previous three stories and tightening up the dialog and making small inconsequential changes. Along with that I have added a scene to Chapter 2 of Prince of the Rose. It deals with the issue of no royal heir to the kingdom of Aithen. With the scene addition I pushed Dana's introductionary paragraph to Chapter 3. For those of you that commented on that hanging storyline I hope this ties it up better.

Enjoy the rest of summer and look for an update late September or early October.