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Chapter 5 joke has been used before!

August 13, 2012
Posted at 11:15 pm

So, I go to enter a title for this blog entry. Let's see, what can I write. I'm announcing Bells of Home Chapter 5... ah, how about "Chapter 5 is alive!"? Sounds good! I start to type it... and the rest is auto filled. Guess I've used that one before. Sigh...

With luck, you guys and girls will enjoy this chapter. The next one might be delayed until next week. We'll see what my mood is. It's not one I want to rush, as important back story will have to be invented, I mean revealed long after I came up with it! Yeah, that's it! I do know I won't get much writing done Thursday, as that's when the live Rifftrax of Manos: the Hand of Fate is playing. No way I'm going to miss that :)

I've updated the ASSTR page, adding header tags to both the web versions of the stories as well as the text files. Never knew how to do it before. Speaking of the site, I've been toying with the idea of doing epub versions of my stories. Now, I really don't want to deal with trying to sell them through online stores, especially given the Ai stories probably won't pass age restrictions. However, I do like ebooks (and, for those who are paid members of this fine site, you can download SOL ebooks of every story. Become a member today!). I could either put them up for free, just to do it, or maybe have a donation button and as a reward give a link where ebooks will be stored as they're made.

If anyone has thoughts, or would like to assist in creating good ebooks (the software I've looked at, free and pay, so far is user unfriendly), let me know. Good covers would be nice, too!