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Rolly et cetera

August 12, 2012
Posted at 10:38 am

Part two of The Tale of Roland, aka the Tail of Roland, aka Rolly Gets some Ass, is submitted and should be up today (Aug. 12th). I will be posting weekly after that. There are nine parts in all. Part Three is short so will be posted with Part Four.

I'm happy to announce that my second story is out to editors and will follow when all of Rolly is out. Then there are two long stories also finished, with people doing more or less the same thing Rolly does, walk around with a sword and kill other people who have swords. One has dragons and a green slave girl, the other has Vikings and Native Americans. I tried to make them more like Argon's stories (Well, not the dragon one, but the others), with a historical accuracy to the life and times, but written with much less skill so as not to make him feel like he has competition from a guy who rips off ideas from him.

Film makers call that 'Homage', which makes it a cool thing to do because it's a French word.

Have a good Week