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XXX Olympics and Sex ExtravaGonzo

August 9, 2012
Posted at 8:19 am

Alt: Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte's Mom, STFU!
I don't know anyone who thinks about sex at all who would be surprised that the Olympics turns into something that makes 'Spring Break' look like Church Camp.. {although I have FOND memories of Church Camp}

Despite -or perhaps, because of- a fair amount of press on 130,000 condoms stocked for the Olympic Village athletes, there were only two stories on the free sex aspect.. and the only strokable story was Bluedragon's spurty/gritty romance:
"Inside the Athlete's Village"

Meanwhile on CNN website:
Sex, Games and Olympic Village life

And even on my FB newsfeed page saw a ditsy sixtyish friend
'liked' an article where Ryna Lochte's mom said he preferred 'one night stands'
Took a LOT of self control to avoid replying to that... although I was gonna write something about 'feng shui' and preference for assymmetric furniture arrangement.

Bottom Line is .. here, on SOL, is where the sex imagination belongs. Dunno why we have to be bombarded on MSM on what we already know from experience.