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Fan Fiction I would like to read (but not write)

August 8, 2012
Posted at 12:15 pm

I think there is something about "Fan Fiction" where you take actual characters from TV, Movies and stories you like and play with them that appeals to me.

I write the kind of stories that I would like to read. I have tried in Family Feud to write a story that would appeal to me if I were a reader.

I tried to give flawed yet relatable characters who have personal growth. I've tried to make the energy of the story rise and then subside in natural ways that give the reader a little bit of a breather -rather than keep things constantly intense - this way the intensity is even more of a shock the next time a new wave hits.

I try to put a little suspense in the story. I want people to be excited to get to the next chapter and not assume they will simply get more of the same formula from the last chapter.

I also try to make the stories about betrayal, and hubris - greek tragedy kind of stuff where I build up someone just to seem them fall.

Lastly, I try to make them arousing and I hope that comes across. I am the worst at writing what I call "Fluff" - the "Mmmmms" and "Ahhhs" of the actual sex act itself.

"He put this in that hole, then she squirted this out of that hole." description of sexuality. I've got plenty in there - but this is not my strong suit and I am pretty sure there are many authors much better at that then me.

Having said all that, I would like to encourage you if you've never written before and been thinking about it - to try to write something.

If you can write a story that I would like - so much the better - but I hope you will write the kind of story YOU would like as a reader.

I've had some ideas about fan fiction stories that I'd love to see - if for anything because it would be interesting if people could google it and some fan fiction for that came up.

Here are my suggestions:

Kardashian Fan Fiction - You've got Chloe, Kim , Kourtney, Rob, the various boyfriends, the mom, Bruce Jenner and his handsome son.

This could be steamy, or preferably it could be about betrayal and blackmail! I would definitely see the mom in the role of sort of queen bitch dominatrix!

Personally, I think anything you could come up with about them would be better than their vapid, shallow reality shows would.

Bonus points: All three Kardashian sisters end up broke, busted and with big rubber ball gags in their mouths and drool hanging down their chins.


I am not a big fantasy medieval story type of chick, but I would say that I really got into HBO's Game of Thrones series and could see myself even reading the books.

I feel like a lot could be done with the Lannisters and their sordid affairs to give that background, and I think that I'd like to see more between Sansa and the "Dog" or whatever his name was.

You have alot of room here to be clever with Prince Tyrion - I just love all his snark.

I'd write this myself, but I don't think I'd do justice the genre/setting.

Plus, I have so much tale to tell in family feud before I can get back to Hard Times and some of my other stories.


How about a story where you just watch an episode of Jerry Springer - take the characters and then envision what life would be like in the trailer park or wherever they come from?

Then keep watching and adding characters straight out of the show?

Is that wrong? If so, I do not want to be right.


For some reason, I think the producers of this show would be strangely satisfied if someone wrote erotic fan fiction about the main characters, Gillian and the stilted office manager.

There would have to be some comedy intertwined into the kink for this story to work, but I feel that if someone could capture what makes this show funny AND get into the really perverted things the characters really would do - it would be awesome.

Gillian, Wayman, all of the side characters especially are probably into some really weird shit.


You can't read erotic fiction and watch this show and not see the endless possibilities, can you?

All the cast of this show in a variety of dirty entanglements?

It would be really fun to read about - especially Annie.


This is a show about Bikers, who own a porn theater and deal guns.

It has some action, but it seldom can really go there about how wild some of the sexual stuff probably is.

Take these characters off the leash and lets see what they could do!!

Especially, Katie Segall's character! There always seems to be something between her and her son's old lady that needs to happen.

"Girly, if you are going to be in this family, you need to learn a few things about being a biker's old lady and I am going to teach them to you."