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Project update

August 3, 2012
Posted at 2:07 pm

I thought I might take a minute or two to keep readers updated on where things stand with "Always on Guard" and my next story, the long-planned sequel to "The Outsider."

So here goes:

"Always on Guard" is taking far longer to post than I anticipated. I'm a little short on chapters back from the second set of eyes (I posted the last chapter I have on hand earlier today). So I face a quandary. Do I go forward and try to catch the niggling mistakes myself or do I hold off and let ZoltanTheDuck, who is far more than a proofreader, catch his breath?

Right now, I'm torn. Zoltan does excellent work (as any reader who compares the first 90 chapters of "Daze in the Valley" with the last 80 chapters can plainly see). At the same time, I would dearly love to get this story moving along.

We're not even a third of the way through the tale and I wanted to have it concluded by Christmas. At my current pace, I won't have it done until Christmas 2013! Still, real life takes precedence and I understand that as well as anyone.

I suppose I have until next Friday to figure it out.

In other news, I concluded the first draft of "The Outsider II" earlier in the week. It's 90 chapters so it will take a while for me to go through the entire story and make sure I didn't change character names halfway through (and yes, I've done that before).

I hope to send it off to my trusty editor, BlackIrish, in a couple of weeks. He had already done a skim of the first 70 chapters but I know he and I will have a lot to discuss before it's in its final version -- including picking a better title for the story.

Because of the setting, I have another accomplished SOL writer taking a read through, as well, to ensure that I have portrayed the scenes as realistically as possible. His comments have already made the story better.

Now I'm back to hunting and pecking at a few other stories I've started over the past decade and set aside for one reason or another. I'm not certain what will follow "The Outsider II" but it appears I'll have a couple of years to get something together.

My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to drop me an e-mail. Most of them include an allusion to posting more frequently, so I thought I'd save some time and offer an explanation here.

My best to all,
Jay C.