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Trudi goes to university...kind of

August 3, 2012
Posted at 4:07 am

Trudi 3 has been a disappointment.

After such a long gestation, I cannot but help to feel some degree of sadness that all my hard work is not receiving wider readership.

With each successive chapter in the adventures of Simon and Trudi, the readership halves.

I do not have the time to work so hard on something read by mere dozens.

SOL, I fear, is not the place for me to 'publish'.

In light of this, Trudi 1 is now being rewritten, Trudi having changed name and become a first year undergraduate. The remainder of the relationship between 'Simon' and 'Trudi' will play out against that new and changed readership.

When it's done, for those who have taken the time to kindly write to me of their enjoyment of the series or added me to favorite author lists, I shall blog of its being uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords where, even at just 99c per novella, I hope to recoup a little on my efforts.