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New Story - Come As You Go - Melissa

July 31, 2012
Posted at 4:29 pm

As with most businesses catching a new market, the initial interest in Exits had been gratifying. Bored immortals took advantage of Exits' programs to send them off into the hereafter, whatever it may be, in an exciting and dramatic fashion, while avoiding awkward complications and messes. But now, with imitators entering the market, business had slowed. It wasn't economically viable to try to compete with Snuffs-R-Us's rates for guillotine and gallows rentals. Some highrise owners, even tenants, would let an Exit-er step out a window or off a ledge or rooftop for nothing more than an admittedly padded clean-up charge.

So EXITS has taken the bold step of introducing Come As You Go(tm), a new value-added service that provides a richer, fuller experience.

Melissa seems to have enjoyed it immensely.