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Reflections on Anal Pursuits

July 28, 2012
Posted at 8:18 pm

A couple of readers have cautioned me that a large number of my stories include passages related to anal sex. It is a fact so it would be useless to deny it. I was aware of it myself for some time and I think that I incorporate an element of anal sex in a number of stories for different reasons. Sometimes it is because it is a cultural scenario like in a backwoods close-knit family that believe in strong family ties that include anal sex and incest. Or it could be to express dominance or control over a submissive partner. In some cases, it might be because no condoms were available and it served the purpose of having sexual relations without the fear of pregnancy. In some very young circumstances it could be preservation of being in a virginal state but wanting to give physical satisfaction to a male beyond the mere insertion into the mouth or use of a hand to bring him off. I am fully aware that studies have shown only about 20 - 30 % of females in the industrialized countries use anal sex as part of their sexual offerings. This percentage increases in the non-industrialized nations. One exception is the country of Brazil which reports over 90% of females over 16 use anal sex often and it helps greatly in keeping teenaged pregnancies at a low level. I think that the anal sex act has gotten a bad rap because it does put the female in a totally submissive role and that is not in line with current gender relationship standards. Bottom line is that it can be gentle or rough, done in a atmosphere of trust and respect or used as a weapon to control a partner. I only rarely ever write about a male on male anal copulation because am unable to even formulate a plausible scenario. Yet I am certain that it would be the mainstay of homosexual relationships and requires expertise and skills in preparation and execution. In that sense, it is not strictly a female submissive on the receiving end of anal sex. It is in human nature to be very submissive in some acts but to be very assertive in other activities. Probably most females would be receptive to at least trying the anal route as a new way to reach orgasm but if the first time is not comfortable or trusting then personal dislike eliminates its use in the future. It is an activity that requires at least one of the partners to have expertise to train the other or to "show the way". I will continue to use anal as part of my stories because it heightens the sense of naughty action and kinky scenarios.