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Nobody Writes better than Rache

July 28, 2012
Posted at 12:17 pm
Updated: July 29, 2012 - 6:44 pm

It's good to see her stories posted on here again.
* It would be great if it were Rachael herself posting but, since four of her personnae posted stories at the same time, it's probably not the case.

** Another reader informs me that Rachael Ross did, indeed, leave us recently.
God love her.

I was an acquaintance, on here and another site, but other than being able to say that she knew who I was, there was no more to it than that.
She liked my review of Babymaker and told me I got it pretty much right.. She had set out to write only mindless stroke and something more human came out of it.

I don't agree totally with her viewpoints on sexuality and The Church but she sure makes many of the points I do agree with.
I paraphrase:
"And Jesus said to Peter..'Upon this rock I build my church'"
You have to know your bible to get the full meaning and irony.. not to mention HUMOR.. of that. Not just what you hear from the pulpit or read in some tract.

LOL.. It's interesting that the one Rachael Ross story that's hit the scoring threshold ..The Funny Thing about Love..
is sitting at 5.93
I'll stifle myself on the apparent literacy of certain readers.
That means the scoring must be totally on 'Appeal to Reader' which certain argues against eliminating categorical ratings on here.