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The Bells of Home delayed, and other stuff

July 26, 2012
Posted at 12:37 pm

Well, you'll be happy to know the first chapter of the new story has been sitting finished since the weekend. You'll be sad to hear SciFi Nut has been damned busy and hasn't been able to edit it. So, most likely you'll see it Monday. There's a slight chance he'll suddenly have free time, find few errors, and have it back Friday, but that would be pushing it.

But, yes, I've embarked on the sequel to Bells of Tanah. Like the first, it will be posted as it's written. By the way, you readers aren't very observant. On rereading the story, nobody noticed Daium changed color for a few chapters in the middle. At some point, I should correct that!

On the time wasting front, I'm looking into redoing my ASSTR page. The current version was created using iWeb, because that's what I had, but between the program being a bit orphaned at the moment and knowing how bloated the site it created is, I'm trying to find a replacement. If anyone wants to donate a legal version of a Mac WYSIWYG web program, let me know. More realistically, if anyone has any art, or photos, that might help accent the site drop me a line. A minimalist picture for the home of the Ai stories, for example. The Taylor ones are easy to find...