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July 25, 2012
Posted at 10:45 pm

Update re: Chap 20 & 21

Just a quick update. Progress is moving forward smoothly now that I have a more realistic schedule.

Chapter Twenty has 25 solid pages, plus 7 more pages which need filling out -- incomplete scenes, scenes requiring connective material and notes that need to be expanded into actual text. I expect the current 32 pages to end up somewhere closer to 40.

Chapter Twenty-One continues exactly where Chapter Twenty leaves off. Currently the first 23 pages are complete, with 14 more pages semi-complete. I expect those 37 pages to end up somewhere maybe in the mid-40's.

Overall this puts me just above 80% complete, if my final page estimates are accurate. I've been able to add two or more pages each week recently, though a single day's worth of mostly writing should let me finish them both, should such a day become available.

Note that I do plan to post both chapters at the same time, or at most a day apart.

Chapter 21 will complete part one of Life With Alpha, leading into Part Two, tentatively named "Alpha's World".