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Trying to catch up on new chapters.

July 23, 2012
Posted at 10:02 am

All of a sudden, I have over 40 stories that require new chapters. It is like a chain reaction out of control. My problem is I have a compelling need to continue stories that are interesting and have readers that ask me to further explore the characters. I often wonder about writers that seem to write a single story and then just continue it in an endless loop of new chapters. Some of the stories are actually longer than a full length novel of hundreds of written pages. I tend to write short stories of about 2,000 to 3,000 words or 4 to 5 pages and then add chapters depending on the reader likes and dislikes. I believe my longest running story is "Sal the Super, The Nookie King of the Bronx" That story is actually a blend of reality and fiction and, in all honesty, it probably could go on for many more chapters. It reminds me of an old radio program (Yes, radio once upon a time was actually entertainment similar to television) that had a lead in line that said, "There are 7 million stories in the naked city." In any event, I will do my best to catch up on the story writing chores before getting involved in new storylines and new characters.