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July 16, 2012
Posted at 11:13 pm


As often as Lissa yells this at Tony when they play racquetball, you'd think I'd get the message. Yet, here I am writing a blog post when I should be...

I'll be in a writers' conference Thurs-Sun and have new books that will be released at the conference. I have my next mainstream fiction novel slated for release on Aug 16 and there is so much work to do before then. I still have ten chapters to edit so layout can commence. There is eBook construction on a contract I have and accounts that aren't set up correctly for distribution. And posters for the conference.

Inside me, the pressure is building to start writing Part II of "Triptych." So while I attended the day-job today, I started writing notes on index cards for the next book. I wrote 12 pages of material. Granted, about five pages were the opening of part two. What were the rest? The climactic scene of the fourth volume in this series.

That's right. Not the third volume that I intend to write in November. The fourth volume that I plan to write next January or February! Well, you should take comfort (if you like the Model Student series) in the fact that I'm planning two more volumes after Triptych. And no, I'm not even counting the Triptych Interviews. Volumes three and four don't even have working titles yet, even though I know the entire plot and major pieces of action.

That's the thing. The pressure builds when I'm not writing, and right now I'm just editing and producing. The back of my skull starts to tingle--like your core when you are about to orgasm. There is so much pressure that holding back is like trying to resist coming. Sure, you can do it. But it makes your eyes cross.

Okay. If I can jot down twelve pages of notes while I'm greeting complete strangers headed out on vacation to strange new lands, I ought to be able to multi-task enough to get my other projects done...right? Yeah. sure.

I gotta go watch TV now.