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Happy events and new story

July 15, 2012
Posted at 6:54 pm

My daughter who is a Lietenbant Colonel in the army has just had her new baby. Her first at the age of forty one. Emily Kathleen was born on Thursday i2th July at about three pm. We are going down to London for a fortnight to give her a hand, as her husband who is also on the army is going to be busy doing a hand over of his present job to his successor befor he takes up his new post in a few weeks time. I hope to keep my story The Wimp and the Deb going while I am away. I am also working on another story and hope to begin posting it soon. It is titled The Trade Off where a Secon dyear university student and highly Intelligent girl who will inherit her fatherr's Title and his impoverished estate and runuinously expensive mansion decides on a trade with a rich young fellow student. What is she going to offer him if he rescues her fortunes? I hope you will soon find out