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Similarities on storylines. Exercise in Randomness.

July 13, 2012
Posted at 3:14 pm

Several times I have noticed a similarity in some of my storylines that was entirely unintended. I am not certain if that is because I never know what I am going to write or because I am victim of a thought pattern. The most recent example of this is the similarity between "Christmas in July Story" and "The Runaway Schoolgirl". In fact, both of these just written stories have no connection at all but involved similar trips across country, meetings with oddball characters, and arrivals in New York City. The image of a naive "Holly Golightly" comes to mind. I suspect the Christmas flavored story with a female elf was a spin off of My "Naughty Mrs. Kringle" stories with a cuckolded Santa. On the other hand, "The Runaway Schoolgirl" story probably evolved out my recent editing of the Vampire Erotica set in New Orleans as that was the starting point of that story. As one reader commented my Vampire Erotica stories are both Dark and Disturbing. I was surprised that there was a vast network of Vampire afficionados, mostly female, that find the genre very satisfying. Of course, the interaction between vampires and humans generally results in violence and sudden demise of the human. The one-sided nature of the "Omega Man's" battle against the new world order of vampires had me rooting for the vampires at one point. Sort of like the "Borg" the end result is "Resistance is Futile".