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Supreme Irritation

July 13, 2012
Posted at 12:11 pm

Okay, so I kind of blew my planned schedule of a new chapter every week or so. With a wedding I had to go to, overtime at work, and jury duty, I had a lot of things come up all at once and just didn't have the time to get the chapters ready.

Plus, with only a few chapters left, the pace of the story really picks up. I don't want to leave everyone hanging for potentially long periods of time between chapters like that so I'd like to just post everything else all at once.

Of course that means an even longer time until I can get it all edited. I just hope the satisfaction of being able to finally check the "this story is finished" box on the submission form is worth it.

Please just bear with me a little longer. I promise, I will get the end posted eventually (hopefully soon, but unfortunately, I can't guarantee that). And if it take too long, I'll just post the chapters unedtied so at least you can all discover Stephanie's fate.

The next story I write, I'm not posting anything until the whole thing is done...