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Woah, I have a blog

July 12, 2012
Posted at 11:03 am

I just discovered that this blog feature, which I thought was only open to premier authors, can in fact be accessed by the rest of us plebs. So I decided that I should use it to air some opinions on smut and maybe talk about my work.

As a writer I think my main project is envisioning some kind of utopian space for sexual and other interaction. Of course, I'm well aware that you can't just hit a button and say "bam, everyone's liberated". Both of my current serials are at least to some degree about the struggle for that kind of utopia, albeit on very different scales. I want to write erotica that's sex-positive and maybe even feminist -- whether or not I've achieved this goal is up to you. At the very least I hope I'm saying more about sex than "it's hot".

Updates are, as you already know, a bit slow -- I'm currently in graduate school, and have a bunch of other hobbies and interests besides this, so my time is pretty diluted. The ever-growing length of my chapters doesn't help matters any, although I think they're the better for it. Right now the fourth chapter of Not Alone is about halfway done, and with any luck I'll get it finished by the start of August. Or not much later than that. Certainly not September. Probably.

So thanks to my patient readership, and to everyone who's commented on my stories, even if it is just to point out the same typo that 3 other people have. I'll see you on this blog the next time it strikes my fancy.