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New Story

July 9, 2012
Posted at 8:35 am

Ladies and gentlemen, hobos and tramps,
Cross-eyed crickets, and bowlegged ants!

I come before you with a new story, the first of two versions. This is because my mind is perpetually a-wirl with possibilities, even as I write. If it weren't for the computer, I'd be frozen into inaction by my complete inability to make notes on everything I think up while I'm trying to write one strain of an idea.

I know this because I used a typewriter for two decades, creating the stories of those who perpetrated, or were the victims of crime. I wasn't allowed to stray from the truth in those days, and still bought white-out by the case.

Well, the taxpayer did, anyway.

Nowadays, when my mind goes off on a tangent, I can just open another file and make some notes as to what the tangent is, and then go back to the original idea and finish it.

Which brings us to Fooling Around 101 - version Alpha. It's not a new idea for an Uncle Bob story. In fact, I've used the plot several times: Uncle teaches nubile niece all about sex.

But the tone and flavor of this one is different, and is a nod to those of my treasured readers who write and tell me they like it when things are slow and reluctant ... at least in the beginning.

Version Bravo is about half done, and should be finished by the time the posting of Alpha is finished.

That intended posting schedule is as follows, for those of you who are impatient, or like to wait until things are final:

Two chapters the first Monday. Then one chapter on the following Wed and Fri, and a chapter on the following MWF. That's a total of seven chapters, in case you're math challenged, like me.

I have a long western finished, but it's still going through the last edit. It should show up on the boards in August or September at the latest.

Thanks for reading.