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July 8, 2012
Posted at 1:04 am

Model Student Book Two on Kindle

I'm happy to announce that "Model Student Book Two: Rhapsody Suite" is now live on Kindle. My publisher, Elder Road Books, has once again come up with a fantastic piece of artwork for my cover. I'm so impressed!

Check it out at

After quite a lot of soul-searching, I decided to cut the lengthy book once again into more volumes. If you are familiar with "Model Student" here at SOL, you will find that the new volume, "Rhapsody Suite," encompasses chapters 6-14 of the total work. That takes us to the point of Tony's triumphant appearance at the student gala and the discovery that the art critic thinks of Kate's charcoal sketch of Tony is the glue that holds the suite together. There's a new line at the end of the book (instead of the kid getting sick) that simply has Tony turn to Kate and mimic her closing line from "Mural": "Anytime you want, Kate."

I am committed to maintaining the original version on SOL at no charge, so I'm not expecting you to rush out and buy the Kindle version on Amazon, but if you've read and enjoyed the book, I appreciate any reviews you might post at Amazon. Please don't mention in an Amazon review that you read it here. ;-)

And of course, if you can afford the $1.99 for the book, that, too, is appreciated as I make $.70 on each sale. I figure I only need about 100,000 sales to make a living. Thank you all for all your support. I also want you to know that I intend to continue posting future episodes in this story at SOL. There will never be a time that you "have" to buy something in order to read the rest of the story. Thanks!