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July 4, 2012
Posted at 11:22 pm

doo doo doo lookin' out my back door

It's Independence Day.

Well, that about says it all. I'm hoping that amidst the barbecue picnic, relatives, day off in the middle of the week, and fireworks, you have time feel independent. I took the two dogs to the parade in town today and applauded as the WWII vet, Korea Vet, VietNam vets, Gulf vets, Afghanistan vets, Iraq vets, all went by in classic convertibles provided by local collectors and dealers. I also applauded the interfaith community that's trying to build bridges in the wake of those that have been blown up by our various wars, terrorists, and cultural clashes.

It seems, sometimes, that my life is marked by what war was being fought at the time.

It was a beautiful day, though, and with the sun shining in what's been a gloomy sky, I cooked myself a T-bone on the grill. Damn near perfect. As I was cleaning the meat off the bones, I got to thinking about how like oral sex it is to bury your face in the crotch of that bone and suck the last bits of tender flesh out of it--wiggling your tongue around to be sure you've gotten every last tender morsel out from between the bones.

Sun's about down now. Thinkin' I'd like to eat dessert the very same way.