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Crossing the Streams

July 4, 2012
Posted at 4:33 pm

sorry I haven't posted anything to the blog in a month. Work has been 'interesting', to say the least. Big things are afoot in my industry.

On the story front, let's talk about where we are. Nikki turns out to be Christina's long-lost friend, and they have re-established a connection. That ties TWO story lines together. Obviously, Cindy's jumping in on this, and that ties THREE story lines together. And it's a few weeks to graduation for FOUR beautiful, intelligent and very happy young girls.

It's getting near the time that I bundle them all up in one package and tell the story of this strange little community.

Ad if I condense three stories into one, then I need to pick up another story where I left off. So who's it gonna be? Brenda? Kimberly 2.0? Or should I start with that redheaded flute prodigy and her PTSD veteran friend?