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My brief moment in the sun!

July 3, 2012
Posted at 12:02 am

For one brief, shining moment, a week where I had two chapters of Bells of Tanah came when none of the real writers did much, so until Midnight I have the top downloaded finished story! Whee! Tis Fun! Downloads of the final chapter have topped 2,000, so I'm happy. Score wise, I've done much better, but so be it. I like the thing.

So. What's next. I'm working on a new short story, tentatively called Bells, Book and Candle (once again, I'm surprised nobody here has used that title yet). I found an unfinished Ai related story, called Aether Ever After. I have the feeling it will remain unfinished, but I may take another stab at it.

Speaking of Ai, a new writer around these parts has asked if, maybe, he could do a story in her world. My reply was a definite maybe. Once he's done with his current project, we'll see what his idea is, and if it goes anywhere.

My Waifs rewrite goes slowly, as expected. I've almost completely cut the first sex scene, as, really, they never really fit well in the story. I'm about to add a new chapter immediately after it, though, giving a proper introduction to two characters who otherwise just show up in the following chapter. Naturally, I could end up just cutting the new chapter and going back to the original pacing. But, I thought you should be kept updated.

Speaking of updates, it's now 12:01 AM and Bells of Tanah dropped back down to 5th as it lost the first day downloads of chapter 18. Ah, well. Such is life!