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July 1, 2012
Posted at 11:34 pm

"Paddling" Thanks for writing

I have not written lately so I thought I should say a few things. Most of the places in "Paddling" are real. One reader even thought he knew which lakes I was writing about in the canoeing portion.
I am pleased that my story brings back memories for some and gives others something to dream about.
Yes, I do love nature. For the last few years I have been looking more keenly at the things around me. There is so much beauty if you just take the time to look for it. The other night my wife and I were standing on a walking bridge over a marshy area. We should have been eaten by mosquitos but we didn't have one bite. As we watched the setting sun, I noticed there were hundreds of swallows in the sky. As I looked more intently, I saw hundreds more. I believe they were eating the mosquitos and allowing us a very special moment.
The twins are doing great and life has returned to being somewhat normal, whatever that is.
Some of you have written some very kind words. Some of you have shared your experiences. Some of you have shared your trials and hurts. For those who have written, I want you to know that it encourages me to up my game. I hope you enjoy the last chapter.

Slater Chance