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The Glass Balls V

June 29, 2012
Posted at 6:45 pm

Well, the story is finished, and the series, too (I think). It seems like a good place to end it, with everybody in a happy place. Over the course of the stories, Livy has progressed from a frigid widow to a sexual goddess, while Dom has grown from a hungry little boy to the master of his own group of musicians as well as the father of two boys (by different women, whose affection he shares with no jealousy among them).

One of the predominant elements in this final story is, of course, how two protagonists -- one in the present, one in the past -- have reclaimed their manhood through the patience and love of their wives and sexual partners. Since the first story was about Olivia's reclamation of her own sexuality, it seemed fitting to end this story and series on a similar note.

I wish the real world was this way. As it is, there's a lot of sexual maiming going and precious little sexual healing. Maybe it's because we're better at the former than the latter. But perhaps that will change as we become more honest with ourselves and with each other. The reason I started reading erotica was to help me envision such a world. When I couldn't find much that actually portrayed this sort of world, I started writing stories that did (at least for me).

Fantasy? Maybe. But it's a fantasy a lot of us would like to see come true. I might add that most of my other stories share this theme. I got a very nice comment from a fellow concerning another story on this web site, "Mrs. Swinson's Summer Camp." He said, "If I could have a single fantasy it would be to live in a world populated by the type of people in this story." Well, Richard, I'm not only glad you liked it, but I'm glad you got it, too. I only hope that all my future stories bring that world a little closer, at least in the minds of my readers.