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The Story so far

June 27, 2012
Posted at 7:04 am

I have now, or at least I hope I have, replied to all those who sent me e mails. I had over 60 for D&D and a fair number for Over the Hills. I am very grateful to all those who wrote, and if I have missed any one off my reply list I apologise, and ask that they re-send their original message. I have had one of my replies, to Jim Price, returned as 'unable to deliver'.

So what to do next?

D&D2 is only in thinking/planning stage, although I have done some research into a few plot lines that I'm considering. Over the Hills, Book 4, which I have provisionally titled 'Soldiering On', is in, nearly, completed first, (very) rough, stage.

I have allowed myself a month off writing, what with all the other things going on at the moment, and in the imminent future, including the Tour de France and sundry other exciting things (not forgetting the World Bog snorkelling championship and the European footie final).
Consequently I have spent much time staring at the TV, rather than at my PC, screen. However next month I shall return to pressing the PC keyboard, and will attempt to complete the first draft of 'Soldiering On'.

I will also continue to plan and research D&D 2 between times.

Watch this space!
Jack G