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Chapter 33: Adventures On The Road

June 25, 2012
Posted at 9:02 pm

Just like in chapter 31, this chapter reflects more of the changes I'm making in the story. After having listened to how the rapid succession of people in the story was making it difficult for readers to care about any of the people, I decided to make some changes. Chapter 31 (with the recaps on the people Alex had met throughout Book 3) was the constructive change to story, this chapter is the deconstructive change.

Basically, this chapter takes a slightly different tact. Instead of following Alex along from city to city, it jumps ahead (skipping past 3 cities) to Phoenix. You'll also notice that the descriptions of the girls is much briefer (most of the details about each girl were generally discovered during the sex scenes, so by cutting them, I've cut out most of the character interaction.

You'll have to let me know whether you like this approach better or not, though to be fair, you haven't seen much of it yet. This chapter skips three days, the shorter character interactions doesn't play out until a couple of chapters from now.